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T H E   M O T H E R   O F   A L L   H T M L   C O L O (U) R   C H A R T S

This chart's objective is a comparison of hue names. I would like to assign colors used as philatelic inks, but can not do this exactly. Many color names are assigned to specific years of stamp issue, and the same name will be a different shade for another issue. The capacity of the 256x256x256 RGB color system is 16777216 colors. Due to space and reasonableness considerations, many will be omitted. Some Munsell colors outside of the RGB gamut are noted as "APPROX" in the color box. All colors shown are approximate, multiple shades can be found for the same "name", and no correction is applied for viewing angle, light source temperature, coated vs. uncoated etc. Gamma is 2.2. Fan decks or chips should be consulted for pigments. Copyright statements are on the index page. Color names are artifically generated for 4096 combinations, hue degrees and selected others. Alphabetic color order includes modifiers. Colors of similar hues will be found together in hue degree tables. Payment or registration is required for some other proprietary color systems not mentioned.

RGB hex
CMYK color Color Name, NETSCAPE NAME, SAS NAME, HIGHLIGHTED NAME in color name table, translations in color name table headings when available, (!)=confirmed calculation or value. MASTER LIST IS HERE. 10/1/2005 last was RHS. Other pages may contain subsets. A= NBS/ISCC Source(A): American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, Socoety of Dyers and Colourists
AH= Ace Hardware/Illuminations
AJ= Alexander Julian
AM= Ameron(NZ)
AN= Anchor silk
AS= AsiaPaints: 1200 shades
B=6x6x6= 216 Browser Safe VACCC: 60 hues
BIO= NBS/ISCC Source(B): Colour Terminology in Biology, H.A.Dade
BE= Behr
BF= Briefmarken finder (Stamp Finder)
BI= Bottles and Insulators
BM= Benjamin Moore
BR= Bruning
B3= British Standard 318C
B4= British Standard 4800
C= Le Chromograf (Pourpre) generated
C2= C2 Paint
CA= Colortrend Ambience
CD= CorelDraw
CG= Colr.org tags
CIL= CIL(Canada)
CL= Colourlovers colours
CM=(old) colors mapped to NBS/ISCC centroids
CN= Colortrend Nuance
CO= Coronado
CP= Caparol 3D (Germany)
CR= Crayola (Binney&Smith)
CYW= Color Your World
D= Disney by Behr 160 colors
DA= Chroma Dictionnaire Alphabetique (Pourpre)
DB= Dutch Boy
DE= Dunn Edwards
DI= Chroma Dictionnaire Imaginnaire (Pourpre)
DIC= DIC(Japan) 1280 colors
DM= DMC stranded cotton
DN= DIN Color System (DIN 6164)
EB= Eddie Bauer
ET= Eternasilk
F= Foster named color
FS= NBS/ISCC Source(F): Federal Standard No. 595B, Colors used in government procurement, Rev B Chg 1 Jan 1994 613 colors, with generic paint colors
G=40 additional pure Netscape red + green + blue + gray
GK= G&K Wonder Color Gauge: 140 hues
GS= USGS Visual Palette map colors
H= Hexagonal Hues
HL= Hershey Levinson embroidery supply house colors
HO= NBS/ISCC Source(H): Horticultural Colour Charts, R.F.Wilson
HP= Handprint Pigment Index / Color Wheel
I= NBS/IBCC 267 CIE XYZ Mac hues by Mundie
IM= NBS/ISCC 267 Munsell hues
JPC= J&P Coates silk
KM= Kelly-Moore Paint
LA= Laura Ashley
LU= Paul Lujan websafe
M= Munsell, Munsell Color Range System
MA= Madeira silk
MF= Michel Farbenfuehrer / Farbenführer: 570 colors + 29 coil ends
MFP= Martha's (Stewart) Fine Paints (Europe)
MI= Millennium 1488 colors
MN= color marketing name, Color Marketing Group, CMG
MP= NBS/ISCC Source(M): Maerz and Paul, Dictionary of Color, 2nd ed (1950) with year and plate, 1st ed was 1930
MPA= Dictionary of Color source A: Animal Dye
MPB= Dictionary of Color source B: British ready-mixed paint
MPC= Dictionary of Color source C: Ceramics
MPF= Dictionary of Color source F: Funk & Wagnalls' New Standard Dictionary
MPG= Dictionary of Color 2nd ed. source G: House & Garden magazine
MPH= Dictionary of Color source H: heraldry
MPM= Dictionary of Color source M: American ready-mixed paint
MPO= Dictionary of Color source O: Oberthür & Dauthenay's "Repertoire de Coleurs," (1905)
MPO-RI Dictionary of Color source (R 1905); Oberthür color adopted by Ridgway
MPP= Dictionary of Color source P: artist and structural pigments
MP-RI= Dictionary of Color source (R 1912): with Ridgway as separate entry
MPT= Dictionary of Color source T: textile industry
MPV= Dictionary of Color source V: vegetable dye
MS= Martin Senour
MSS= Martha Stewart Signature (SW) 416 colors
MSL= Martha Stewart Living
MUP= NBS/ISCC Source(MUP): Commercial Standard CS147-47 Molded Urea Plastics
N=140 Netscape X11 named
NAU= Nautical vessel colors
NI= Nickelodeon
NRC= NBS/ISCC Source(RC): National Research Council, Rock-Color Chart
P= PMS (Pantone Matching System)
PC= Poker Chips
PF= Portfolio
PL= Pratt & Lambert
PLO= NBS/ISCC Source(P): Plochere 26 hues, 1456 colors
PO= Porter
PI= Darlisa's Place Pigment
PSP= NBS/ISCC Source(PSP): Commercial Standard CS156-49 Polystyrene Plastics
QCD=Quantum Chromodynamics quark colors by convention
R= RAL Classic
RA= Robison-Anton textile company
RC= Real Color Wheel pigments
RE= Resene(NZ) 1322 colors
RHS= Royal Horticultural Society colours, gamma 1.4
RI= NBS/ISCC Source(R): Ridgway, Color Standards and Color Nomenclature (1912)
RL= Ralph Lauren
S= SASgraph
SA= Santharia Fantasy Colors
SB= NBS/ISCC Source(S): Postage Stamp Color Names, William H. Beck
SC= NBS/ISCC Source(SC): U.S. Dept of Agriculture Soil Charts
SCS= Safe Colour Samples
SE= Servistar
SG= Stanley Gibbons Color Key: 200 hues
SH= Steve Hollasch MSIE + pigments
SI= SICO 4000
ST= Streetprint
SW= Sherwin Williams
T= twosixteen. com (216) archive
TC= NBS/ISCC Source(TC): Textile Color Card Association, Standard Color Card of America, U.S. Army Color Card
TKG= NBS/ISCC Source(T): Taylor, Knoche, Granville Descriptive Color Names Dictionary
TV= True Value
U= Unsafe Colormatch generated
V=16 VGA
WC= Wet Canvas pigments
WH= Waverly Home
WP= Wikipedia
WSH= Websafe Colors by (24) Hue
WT= Wiktionary
X= X11R6 additional shades
XA= X11R6 AV Brothers Colorist
viation or nomen-
Hue 0-360 degrees, Satura-
tion %, Bright-
ness / Value / Lumino-
sity % (HLS colors 50% white 100% used here as HSL)
1K = Visibone 42 hues x 25 shades + 16 grays = 1068 KiloColors
4K = 16x16x16 = 4096 rainbow colors
360 saturated hues
*=RGB entry propagated through all tables
MASTER LEGEND: other pages can be subsets to save length;
entries to be added to both RGB tables, HSL tables, and color tables if any, use pourpre.com to add CMYK and HSL angle
#A66E44 166,110,680-33.7-59-34.9  FS-M10115, 4.61YR4.47/6.7625.7-41.9-45.9 
--- PP